Smartphone Control Mini RGB RGBW WiFi Controller DC12V-24V For Led Multicolor Strip Panel Light.

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Color: WiFi RGB
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Wattage: 100W

Voltage: 12V

Remote Distance: 30

Power Source: DC

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: WiFi 113 WiFi 114

Max. Load Power: 100W

Material: ABS

Item Type: RGB Controler

Features: WiFi APP control

Controled Method: WiFi

Connection Mode: Common anode

Certification: ce

Brand Name: TiaoChongYi

Applicable Lights: led

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  • Support
    both wifi control of iOS products (such as For iPod, For iPad, For
    iPhone, For iMac), and Android mobile devices such as For Samsung, For
    HTC, For Nokia, etc.

  • This
    controller is designed for LED strip, module etc. After easy
    installation and settings, you can use you phone (For IOS or Android
    system) to control the light.

  • Switch freely via phone between stand-alone and on-line modes. The remote control distance can reach 50 meters.

  • Built-in some fixed modes, infinite changes mixed by the four primary colors--red, green, blue and white.

  • Small-sized, energy-efficient, environmental protection, great convenience and humanized design.


  • Product category LED STRIP CONTROLLER

    Control principle:
    RGB/RGBW WiFI APP controller

    LED drive type constant voltage: MOS tube

    Input voltage: DC12V- -24V

    Scope of application: constant pressure lamps such as light bars, panel lights

    Protection level: IP20

    Effective control distance: visual distance 30 meters

    APP software type MAGIC HOME

    Mobile version requirements: ANDROID 4.0 / 10S9.0

    Channel: RGB/RGBW

    Maximum power: 100W/144W

Package includes:

  1. 1 x WiFi LED Controller

  2. 1 x User Manual

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