RF Signal Blocking Pouch for Cell Phone, Passport, Key Fob Or GPS Shielding

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Color Name: black
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Brand Name: OUrine

Origin: Mainland China

Features 1: Car key bag

Features 2: key bag

Features 3: Signal shielding bag

Features 4: Anti-location tracking bag

Features 5: bag

Cell Phone Signal Blocking Jammer Pouch Bag Anti-Tracking Radiation GPS Shielding Passport Sleeve Wallet Case Car Key FOB Bag

Bullet Point:
Security bag: Thieves now have more technology, which allows them to open and control the car without opening the key. They use "signal amplification" to achieve unauthorized access to the car. With this safety protection bag, you will get a protective cover that can 100% prevent any attempts to retrieve the car keys.
Anti-theft: Anti-radiation, anti-tracking, car keychain signal shielding, anti-bank card theft technology bag. It protects the electronic information of bank cards, mobile phone signals and signals sent by key fobs, thereby making keyless entry possible, thanks to the nano-shielding fibers inside.
Easy to use: This small bag is large (20.5 cm x 12 cm), thin, made of PU leather material, tough and flexible. It is equipped with a key chain on the back, which can be more easily fixed on the bag or hung on the key chain. It can hold a large number of keys, which is different from some other available products, which are large enough to hold many things. It consists of 2 internal pockets, each of which is 100% protected.
More accommodation: It can accommodate anything you need to protect, including mobile phones, smart watches, garage remotes, hotel or building access key cards, key fobs, bank cards, thumb drives or any other devices with wireless signal technology.
Block calls: Block calls, SMS, WiFi, 4G, Bluetooth, etc. It will block and unblock the phone signal within 10 seconds after putting the phone bag in the bag and taking it out of the bag. It is safe for drivers who are easily distracted while driving.

Colour: Black
Material: PU leather
Size: 20.5*12cm
Structure: suitable for mobile phones within 6.5 inch
Inside: Nano shielding fiber

Package included:
1*Shielding bag

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