REDOT RD106P Digital SWR Meter SWR&Power Meter 120W FMB VHF UHF80-999MHz Standing-wave Ratio 1.00-99.9 Support DMR Walkie Talkie

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Plug Type: RD106P
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Brand Name: HLFEC


Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: RD106P


Frequency range: 80MHz~999MHz

VSWR display: 1.00~99.9

Maximum power: 120W

Power error: <10%

Continuous sampling: 100 times/second

Burst sampling: The leading edge of the signal triggers sampling, and the burst/continuous sampling is automatically converted.

Frequency Compensation: Automatically measure the signal frequency and perform frequency compensation for power conversion.

Sleep and wake up: Sleep after 3 minutes without any operation, and can be woken up by radio frequency or manually.

Display: 128 X 64 LCD screen

Key operation: single key.

RF Interface: N-KF (50 ohms)

TYPEC interface: USB cable charging, 200mA;

Li-ion battery: 3.7V/350mAh

Dimensions: 95X35X26 (mm)

Net weight of single machine: about 120g

Package include

1 x RD106P SWR meter
1 x USB cable
1 x Bag

RD106P kit:
1 x RD106P SWR meter
1 x USB cable
1 x Bag
1 x 5V 1A power adapter
1 x N/M-JK converter
1 x N/M-JJ converter
1 x N/SMA-JK converter
1 x N/SMA-JJ converter

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