Pressure Monitor Medical Doctor Stethoscope

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power:: manual

Type:: manual Sphygmomanometer and Stethoscope

Origin: China Mainland

Model Number: KWL-W02 manual tonometer

Measuring arm circumference:: 22~32cm

Material: Aluminum alloy/ latex/nylon

Item Type: Blood Pressure

Feature 6:: Product name 8: home health monitor

Feature 5:: Arterial Pressure

Feature 4:: bloeddrukmeter bovenarm

Feature 3:: tansiyon aleti

Feature 2:: tensiometros digitales de brazo

Feature 1:: Arterial Pressure

Brand Name: VILECO

Application: Arm

Equipment Manual Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Medical Doctor Stethoscope Sphygmomanometer Tansiyon Aleti Tensiometro BP Tonometer


1. The product is small: The blood pressure meter is small in size, easy to carry, and the method and effect are the same as the desktop mercury sphygmomanometer. 2. Simple operation: The pressure gauge is easy to operate, accurate in measurement data, all metal manufacturing, and durable. 3. The arm strap is firm: The arm strap has a strong cloth gluing design, which is effectively fixed and not easy to fall off. 4. Blood pressure meter head: The head is made of matte design and durable. The back of the case is equipped with a metal hook. It can be hung on the arm band for more convenient reading. 5. Energy-saving and environmental protection: Self-contained auscultation, and design with anhydrous silver, measuring blood pressure, energy saving and environmental protection, and the dial and the dial in the table are fine and accurate. 6. Advantages: Small size, easy to carry, easy to operate, convenient and suitable

Package List:

1 x manual Sphygmomanometer(With air-release valve ) 1 xStethoscope 1 x Cuff 1 x Dial 1 x Latex ball 1 x Carrying case 1 x User manual(English) 1 x retail box(optional,please select)

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