Oroaroma Natural Gardenia Essential Oil For Relaxing, Moisturizing and Nourishing The Skin

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NET WT: 10ml
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Brand Name: oroaroma

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Essential Oil Type: Pure Essential Oil

Origin: IT(Origin)

Model Number: RD4567

Certificate Number: ISO/8754_2007_10669

Ingredient: Gardenia oil

Item Type: Essential Oil

Country/Region of Manufacture: ITALY

is_customized: Yes

NET WT: 10ml 30ml 100ml

Efficacy: Moisturize, Hydrated Fade, Wrinkles

Care For:: face care, skin care, body care

Apply skin:: all skin

Usage: spa , massage , aromatherapy

Essential oils Quality: top-quality goods


First, the effect of gardenia oil
Clearing heat and cooling blood to stop bleeding. Treatment of fever dysphoria insomnia, sprain swelling and pain. Can also relax the nerves, reduce stress, regulate emotions, strong desire to promote. More to promote metabolism, moisturizing the skin, so that the skin to keep young.
Two, psychological effect
Relax the nerve, reduce the work pressure, can adjust the mood to the best condition.
Three, physiological effects
Clearing heat and cooling blood. Treatment of fever dysphoria insomnia, heat, swelling and sprain. To promote the new metabolism and promote sexual desire.
Four, skin effect
Has a strong bactericidal effect, improve the state of inflammation of the skin, containing carbohydrates, protein, crude fiber and a variety of vitamins.
Five, magic formula
1, relieve stress, fatigue:
The 4-6 drops Gardenia drops in the bathtub, fully stir well, soak 10-20 minutes, relax the nerves, relieve the pressure from work, mood adjusted to the best state. (Note: sensitive skin use, add a tablespoon of milk, it is natural dispersant).
2, keep hair, hair care:
The 1-2 drops of gardenias and 5ml jojoba oil deployment good backup, used on the go before and after, smear it on the hair, make hair more elastic and bright, especially suitable for dark damaged hair.
3, aromatherapy bath:
Shower gel into the bath towel and then drop into 2-3 drops of gardenia, makes the whole body massage, can make bath makes a relax and relieve the pressure and enjoy.
4, aphrodisiac, restore sexual function:
The Gardenia 2-3 drops of harmonic in 10ml base oil, to appease massage is very strong aphrodisiac, beneficial to sexual dysfunction.
5, moisturizing, restore skin luster:
Will be 2-3 drops of gardenias and 10ml of grape seed oil and fully mixed, smear on the surface of the skin massage, the deep moisturizing effect and light sweet, deep soothing and moisturizing the skin, make the whole body skin becomes soft and smooth, shining silky moist luster.
Seven, the use of essential oils
Plant essential oils also have "plant hormones," said, in fact, many of the nature of the essential oils are also like human hormones, has an important role in the human body. The use of essential oils, generally speaking, there are the following:
1, massage
Massage is one of the most effective methods in many use, and it is also one of the most common use of essential oils. Note: the use of sensitive skin before the need for essential oils skin test.
2, bubble bath
Bubble bath is the efficacy of the use of a quick way to use a simple bubble bath on the body's benefits have been a lot, with essential oils to promote blood circulation, enhance blood circulation, regulate body function and so on.
(1) immersion
Ordinary water and the water temperature, essential oils selected (one to three), total drop of eight to twelve drops, in the volatile oils of low grade, high order, one by one drop into the tub in. At this point, the oil is floating on the water, some of the oil will spread, and some are round. At the same time with the palm of the hand to the rapid beat, so that the oil evenly dispersed on the surface of the water. After entering the tub. Don't use the any soap or cleansing agent, and can use the pathological reflex massage in their related parts of a gentle massage. Penetration of essential oils is very strong, three minutes to five minutes to reach the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, with the blood around the body. Soaking time is about ten to fifteen minutes.
(2 foot)
The foot bath tub to choose the best stainless steel. When the foot bath is pathological reflex of foot massage at the best of times, because of the relationship between the essential oils, as long as gently massage.
In addition, shower, sauna or other bath method can use essential oils.
3, Aromatherapy
We can usually buy Incense Burner, fragrance lamp, expansion of carnation, nebulizing diffuser and, for aromatherapy, used in aromatherapy furnace need to purchase without the use of smokeless incense candles. Can also be 1, 2 drops of essential oil in the tissue, essential oils will slowly emit the pleasant taste. It is best not to the oil drops in the humidifier, which is not good for the humidifier and essential oil.
4, with the face cream, lotion and other skin care products to reconcile
The best choice for non fragrant pure plant based cream, lotion, 50ml cream or lotion to add 10 drops of pure essential oil on it.
5, cold and hot compress
5, add 6 drops of pure essential oils in 1L hot water or cold water in proportion to mix, will clean wet towel, deposited in the required position.
(1) cold
Used for fever, bleeding or sports injuries. Headache, have a fever when the oil drops in the wet towel on the forehead, with ice or ice packs.
(2) hot compress
Dysmenorrhea, deposited in the abdomen; sober enough in parts of the liver; muscle pain, arthritis, rheumatism, gout in addition to hot compress, combined with essential oils to be brothers, body massage and bath and foot massage.
6, inhalation method
Can be directly essential oil 1 drops, drops in the palm, rub hands together, and then covered around the nose, deep breathing. Usually this method only for lavender and tea tree oil.
(1) indoor inhalation
Nearly boiling hot water into the glass, ceramic or stainless steel containers (wash basin, bowl or cup), dripping oil, with a large towel or clothes to cover the back of the head, leaned on the top of the container, to mouth, nose alternately comfortable breath till now. This is the treatment of colds (such as eucalyptus, lemon) and respiratory tract infections, the most quick way, is also refreshing, the best way to change the mood.
(2) simple inhalation method
The oil drops in the tissues or a handkerchief, are used for meetings, car, plane, car, ship or class.
(3) a person who drives a long distance
As the sense of smell is very easy to fatigue, so to prepare three to two kinds of essential oils, alternating use to play the efficacy (mint, Rolle, rosemary, etc.) is very effective.
7, steam evaporation method
The glass, ceramic, stainless steel (non plastic material) in a bowl, add boiling water, drip into the 2, 3 drops of pure essential oils, will face close to bowl, take a deep breath 3, 5 minutes. Best to cover the head with a large towel to prevent the loss of steam.
Essential oils used in the course of the need to pay attention to the use of too high dose. Want to achieve the effect, usually have to low dose, and for a period of time, so that the effect of conditioning the body function is the best.
Do not use photosensitive oil to the sun in the sun. Some essential oils contain ingredients that will cause the light to be sensitive. If the sun is to be used, the skin will become dark. Photosensitive there is stress, such as mild grapefruit, night low doses, the next day to the sun never mind. But like citrus oil, lemon, bergamot, orange, orange and so on, are photosensitive oil. And the essential oil is very high, so it is not in contact with the eyes.
Oral essential oils should be the expert or manufacturers instructions, good quality essential oils can be taken orally, but not all essential oils can be taken orally and printing oil varies greatly, if unable to determine the quality of essential oil, it is best not to oral.
There is a wound on the skin when the essential oils to avoid for wound, but if it is a very small wounds, cuts, using essential oils to heal the skin quickly. Do the skin test before use, first adjust the concentration of 3% of the essential oils, use in the armpit or chest, at least 24 hours after no allergic phenomenon, can use essential oils.
Not more than 3 weeks to use the same kind of essential oils, to avoid the use of unilateral essential oils every day. Under the intersection, the use of compound essential oils will be better than the unilateral effect, if it is to regulate, can continue to use for 3 months, the longest no more than half a year.


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