MEREDITH 50PCS Steel Aloy fishing connector. These quick links keeps your fishing line from getting tangled.

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Farbe: Size2 35mm 30kg
Ships From: CHINA
$11.97 $15.97


With Ruler or Not: No

Ursprung: CN (Herkunft)

Type: Non-barb Hook

Typ: Nicht-Widerhaken Haken

Product: Fishing Connector

Position: Ocean Rock Fshing

Position: LAKE

Mit Lehre oder nicht: Nein

Material: Steel Alloy

Markenname: MEREDITH

Form: Fishing connector


8#: length-22mm,tension:12kg

7#: length-24mm,tension:18kg

6#: length-25mm,tension:18kg

5#: length-28mm,tension:25kg

4#: length-29mm,tension:25kg

3#: length-33mm,tension:30kg

2/0#: length-50mm,tension:40kg

2#: length-35mm,tension:30kg

14#: length-15mm,tension:3kg

12#: length-17mm,tension:9kg

10#: length-20mm,tension:12kg

1/0#: length-43mm,tension:35kg

1#: length-40mm,tension:35kg

High quality 302 stainless steel

Compared with ordinary stainless steel, 302 stainless steel has a relatively high carbon content, so the strength is better, and the surface uses carbonitriding technology.
Therefore, the surface layer is black, which increases the strength and wear resistance of the metal surface, and the fatigue and corrosion resistance are effectively improved.

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