FARBIN Snail Air Horn With Compressor Relay Harness 12V 150db Super Loud Dual Tone Car Horn For Truck Motorcycle Car

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Ships From: China
Voltage: 12V
Color: Black
$38.97 $44.97


Origin: Mainland China

Material Type: 3.03

Item Width: 4.03inch

Item Weight: 1.1kg

Item Type: Multi-tone & Claxon Horns

Item Length: 3.03inch

Item Height: 5.98inch

Item Diameter: 3.03inch

Brand Name: FARBIN

Material Plastic
Item Dimensions :LxWxH 6.22 x 4.64 x 3.93 inches
Voltage:12 Volts
Including: high decibel snail air horn, relay, harness,fuse, filter ,fixing screw and Button.
High Volume:It can produce 150dB of strong sound. When you drive, no one will ignore the sound.
High quality: The air horn is made of high quality material, which ensures durability and can work in various temperature environments.The matched filter filters the air and prolong the service life.
Easy to install: Our speaker suite is very easy to install, You can install it manually with the harness package we distribute.

Several common wiring errors:
1. After connecting the line, press the horn button, the horn will not sound, and the relay will not clatter, which means that the blue line and the white line are wrongly connected. They One line of the button connects to the blue line (or white line) of our wiring harness, the other line of the button connects to the battery positive line, and the white line(or blue line) in the wiring harness connects to the frame
2. The air pump makes a whine sound but the horn doesn't sound, which means that the positive and negative terminals under the air pump are connected reversely. The yellow wire should be inserted into the positive pole and the black wire into the negative pole.
3. The sound of the horn is not stable, and sometimes it will break. That's because there is paint on the frame where the black wire is grounded, which affects the normal power on of the negative pole. As long as it is connected to a good power on position, it is OK.

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