CRESTGOLF 3pcs/LED golf Balls for Night Training with 6 colors.

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Color: 3pcs style 1
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Questity: 3 pcs / pack

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Golf ball with LED

Hardness: 80 - 90

Feature: Golf Practice Balls

Conformation: Two Piece Ball

Color: White,purple,blue,red,orange,yellow


Ball Type: Practice

CRESTGOLF 3pcs per pack Hi-Q USGA Led Golf Balls for night training Luxury Golf Practice Balls with 6 colors

  • Material: the cover is the Dupont Surlyn, Innermost layer:Synthetic rubber with the LED electric.

  • Color:white,red,blue,green,pink,orange

  • Diameter:≥42.67mm

  • Weight:≤45.93g/pcs

  • Dimple NR:392pcs

  • Elasticity:above 65%

  • Hardness:above 80%

  • Package:3pcs in Carton

  • >The ball core of the  light is mainly are the red,blue.Green.And total time of the luminous 50 hours, every time it luminous 8-11 minutes,

  • >The hiting function can equal to the two layers tournament ball.when you swing the rod to the ball,

  • > It will appear a beautiful arc in the sky,the shining like the meteor across the sky to the foothold,

  • >And left the sky a beautiful scenery line. It's suitable for the night, outdoor and indoor.Help you to play and enjoy your golf game.


  • When you receive the balls,it's white color like normal golf balls.

  • Please hit it with strength,or you can use your golf club to hit it.

  • It will turn to be the color you choose(such as pink,red,green,blue and yellow)

  • The shining time is 5-8 minutes.Then it will turn off automatically.

  • Once you hit it again,it will turn on for another 5-8 minutes.

  • The total shining hour is 50 hours.In this way,you can test the balls' quality.

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