7-in-1 LoRa Weather Monitoring Station For Humidity, Wind Speed with Solar Indoor Outdoor Remote.

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transmission range: 4920ft

Wireless Frequency: LoRa

Wind Speed Range: 0 - 112 mph

WiFi RF Transmission Range: Up to 80 feet (in open air)

Usage: Household

UV Index: 1 - 15

Type: PT100

Transmitter Interval: 16 seconds

Theory: Hygrometer

Sunlight: 0 - 200,000 lux

Style: Standing and Wall Hanging

Screw: M12*1.5

Rain Range: 0 - 393 inches

Power Type: Solar Powered

Outdoor temperature: -40 to 140 F

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: 0370L

Measure Type: PT100

Max Measuring Temperature: 50°C - 69°C

Is Smart Device: YES

Indoor temperature: 32 to 140 F

Humidity Range: 10 to 99 %RH

Display Type: DIGITAL

Display Size: 7 Inches & Above

Certification: CE,FCC

Cable Length: 1M


Barometric Pressure Range: 8.86 to 32.48 inHg

0370L-019T WIFI Wireless Weather Station with 7 in 1Outdoor Sensor; LARGE COLOR SCREEN+Stylish Touch-button;Transmit up to 4920ft.

New Generation of LoRa Chip

The 0370L is equipped with a LoRa(Long-Range) chip, greatly increasing the transmission distance between the console and the sensor - up to 30 times that of an ordinary weather station!

Whether your garden produces tomatoes, lettuce, or any other produce, the NicetyMeter 0370L weather station takes the guesswork out of watering and protection from frost.

DIGITAL DISPLAY CONSOLE: The weather station console's 7.3" colour screen displays all important features, including indoor and outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer, solar radiation, ultraviolet value, precipitation, and wind speed and direction, and provide weather forecasts and moon phases.The weather station can be conveniently placed anywhere, such as on a desk in a bedroom, living room, green house.

Professional Lora WiFi Weather Station,Integrated Outdoor Sensor Wireless TransmitRange (in open air): 4920ft (1500m)

  • Integrated Outdoor Sensor Frequency (USA): 915MHz

  • Integrated Outdoor Sensor Frequency (Europe): 433MHz

7 IN 1 OUTDOOR TRANSMITTER: The wireless instrument includes Min/Max records of the rain gauge, wind speed meter, wind vane, ultraviolet meter, Pyranometer, outdoor temperature/ humidity gauge that can transmit up to 300ft in an open field of farm or backyard. Power on with 3 AA batteries (not included) with backup solar power, and update every 16 seconds.

Weather Forecast: The weather forecast is an estimation or generalization of weather changes in the next 24 to 48 hours, and varies from location to location. It is based on the rate of change of barometric pressure. There have 4 animated icons shows on display screen: sunny, cloudy, party cloudy, and rainy.

3 Level Adjustable Screen Brightness: The color display presents all the information clearly, and display screen can be adjusted with 3 kinds of brightness levels to meet your various needs, the backlight of indoor weather station can be stayed on when plugged in power adapter, or press "SNOOZE" button for 2 seconds when battery powered.

WIFI + WEATHER UNDERGROUND + WEATHER CLOUD: You can wirelessly transmit weather station data to Weather Underground, the world's largest network of personal weather stations, and view real-time weather conditions, historical data and warnings on your smartphone with the advanced Wi-Fi connectivity option. Connect to WU (Weather Underground) or Weather Cloud. WU allows you to view, store, analyse, share and compare data from your local personal weather station.

Wifi connection-3 steps

1. Please make sure the console is plugged into power adapter when connect to wifi, please make sure you connect to the 2.4 GHz band router.

2. First, register at Weathercloud.com and log in, then add a weather station device, fill in the name and choose model "FT Series", then finish other information. After registering successfully, please record the Weathercloud ID and Key information for later use.

3. Second, register at Wunderground.com and log in, click "My Profile" to enter the Member Settings, then click Update home location, you will be prompted to add a new device, fill in name and choose the device hardware "others", then finish other information. After registering the host successfully, please record Station ID and Station Key information for later use.

4. Third, connect your device to the console's wifi. When you first power up the console, or press and hold the MIN/MAX/ button for three seconds in normal mode, the wifi icon will flash to signify that it has entered WAP (wireless access point) mode, and is ready to enter for WIFI settings. Use your PC/ phone/ pad connect to the WeatherHome-xxx, once connected, enter the IP address we provide into any browser's address bar to access the console's web interface. Finish fill all information.

Once connected to Wi-Fi successfully, the NicetyMeter 0370L weather station could choose the time SYNC with Wunderground.com and Weathercloud.com, then you can view current and historical weather information on PC, smart phone or pad. Besides, We have a easy step-by-step instructions to help you quickly connect wifi and weather websites, also has a easy introduction in the description.

Tips: The system of NicetyMeter 0370L is the latest and doesn't need to upgrade the firmware at present.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to the manual.

ADJUSTABLE BACKLIGHT: The backlight is adjustable in three brightness levels, adapting to the different environments of day and night. To save power, the backlight will turn off within a few seconds of being switched on, or it can be switched on permanently by setting it to suit your needs.

Product listing: Digital display console*1 / Outdoor transmitter*1 / User manual*1 / Power adaptor for console*1 ( EU/US/UK Plug)

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