100pcs Colored 200mm Nylon Self-locking Reusable Zip Ties.

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Ships From: China
Color: red 100pcs
$16.97 $21.97


type: releasable,self-locking

size: kabelbinder wiederverwendbare

material: nylon

is_customized: Yes

is customized: YES

cable ties reusable: reusable zip ties

brand name: nlzd

Type: Releasable

Strength Tensile: 55KGS/120LBS

Packing: 100pcs

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: 5*200Releasable Cable Ties

Material: High-performance nylon 66

Fire-protection Rating: 94V-2

Color: Red, yellow, blue, green, black, white

Certification: CE

Dear buyer: 
We have no art, no operation, no advertising fees, all the stores are not so beautiful, but we have good quality ribbon series products, we are the factory, directly give the profit to consumers, let you spend less money to buy more products is our original intention.
The store has a variety of sizes of self-locking nylon ties, loose nylon ties (which can be removed and reused), label nylon ties (which can be written on), and double-buckle nylon ties (which can be used as temporary handcuffs)
You can also print fonts on the ribbon. Please contact us for communication.
By the way: the seller (that is me) English level is poor, the above words are directly translated with Google, there are mistakes in the place you bear, or the sentence: our products guarantee your satisfaction.
Thank you very much!~ ~

Say the important thing three times:

This nylon cable tie can be removed and reused

This nylon zip tie can be removed and reused

This nylon tie can be removed and reused

This is a removable nyloncable, 4.8 mm in width and 200 mm in length. Red, yellow, blue, green, white and black are the common colors of the tape. Children and women can easily install and remove this strap, unlike self-locking Nylon straps, it can be reused hundreds of times, one purchase for long-term use, is a good daily binding and fixing tools.
                                                                                                             from:An aspiring young man in the Chinese countryside

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