Universal 12~24 V 100~115 db Super Strong Noisy Air Compressor Dual Trumpet Air Horn for Car Truck Boat Train Vehicle

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Origin: Mainland China

Model Year: 2020

Model Name: -

Material Type: iron

Item Weight: 2.21kg

Item Type: Multi-tone & Claxon Horns

  • Voltage: 12~24V

  • Working Pressure: 0.3-0.9Mpa, 0.42-0.68Mpa

  • Range Of Temperature Adaptation: - 40 ~ 80 ℃

  • Service Life: More than 100,000 times

  • Current: 5A

  • Sound Level: 100~115 DB

  • Caliber: 90mm

  • Materials: Metal

  • Color: Chrome Plating

  • Features:
    - This product is applicable to all vehicles and ships with air source equipment.
    - Horn air source should be introduced directly from the cylinder for better sound quality, the cylinder must be constantly drained of water to affect the service life of the solenoid valve.
    - Sonorous quality, remote transmission.
    - High sensitivity and long service life

  • Notes:
    - Solenoid valve air pipe joint should be carefully tightened, sometimes blocked by the filter net in use, and should be always cleaned so as not to affect sound quality.

  • Common Trouble Shooting Of Car Horn:
    - Car horn is a device frequently used in driving. If the horn fails, it will be inconvenient to drive. When the horn button is pressed on the steering wheel or other position, the current from the battery will flow through the loop to the electromagnetic coil of the horn relay. When the electromagnetic coil draws the relay's moving contact switch to close, the current will flow to the horn. The electric current causes the electromagnet inside the horn to work, causing the vibrating membrane to vibrate and produce sound.
    - In many of the problems with the speaker, the problem is usually the fault of the speaker itself. In particular, there are some defects in the installation position of horn designed by some cars. When it rains, it is easy to make the horn get wet by rain, causing damage to the horn. You can refer to the following steps when a failure occurs.Sometimes does not ring the horn switch, if the horn sometimes ring, sometimes does not ring, is the horn switch internal contact is not good, some is also the horn itself problem.
    - The scratchy sound is mostly due to the poor contact of the plug, especially each contact around the steering disc, which is easily worn due to frequent use.
    - First check the fuse to see if it fuses, then unplug the horn plug and use a multimeter to measure whether there is electricity when the horn switch is pressed. If there is no electricity, check the horn harness and relay. If there is electricity, it is a problem of the horn itself. At this time, you can also try to adjust the adjusting nut on the horn to see if it can sound. If it still doesn't sound, you need to replace the horn.

Package include
  • 1 * Air Horn

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