Led Water Faucet Lamp has 7 Colors Changing or 3 Color Temperature Sensor.

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Color: 7 color change
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Type: Kitchen Faucet Accessories

Origin: Mainland China

Description: The LED Tap Light Water Faucet kitchen and bathroom tap light fits on most taps and the LED light will light up and glow instantly when you turn on the tap and the water is released. The water pressure is what powers the multicoloured tap faucet and causes it to emits a bright light. This little device fits on most taps and lights up a set of LEDs when you turn on the tap. The light is activated by water pressure and turns off automatically when the water stops. There are installed in the tap faucet. The faucet is made from an ABS chroming material, with excellent corrosion resistance, giving it high durability .Transforming the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light. Offer you a delight & wonderful experience. Ideal for bathrooms or kitchens to make some fantastic visuals, especially in the dark. * 3 Color LED faucet light.(jump change * LED lighting color:blue/green/red。(temperature delectable) * when water temperature is ≤32℃,BLUE color will show automatically * when water temperature is between 33℃ - 41℃,GREEN color will show automatically* * when water temperature is between 42℃ - 50℃,RED color will show automatically * when water temperature is above 51℃,RED color will flash immediately * the color will change its color by delecting water temperature * 7 Color LED faucet light.(jump change) * when water flows down,the LED will light instantly and automalically * it is bright enough so that there is no need of other lighting fixtures * the LED color will change gradually and automaltically * the change of LED color will not be subject to the temperature of water Way to use: 1. Take off net from tap screw thread. 2. Install LED faucet light screw thread. 3. Usage of adapter screw thread inside likes universal adapter. Packagin Include: 1 * 3 Color LED faucet light. (Temperature Sensor) / 1* 7 Color LED faucet light. (Color Random change)

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