FNIRSI GC-01 Geiger Counter Nuclear Radioactivity Tester.

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Types of detection rays:: y-ray, x-ray,B-ray

Sensitivity:: 80CPM/uSv (For Co-60)

Product name:: Nuclear radiation detector

Power supply:: 1100mAh lithium battery

Origin: Mainland China

Language:: Chinese/English switch

Energy range:: 48keV-1.5Mev≤±30% (for 137Cs-)

Dose equivalent rate:: 0.00-1000uSv/h (10mSv/h)

Dosage unit:: μSv/h,μGy/h,mR/h,cps,cpm Switch

Detector:: Energy Compensation GM tube (Geiger Technology tube )

Cumulative dose equivalent:: 0.00μSv-500.0mSv

Certification: CE

Brand Name: FNIRSI

Alarm method:: light, vibration, sound

FNIRSI GC-01 Product Manual:https://www.mediafire.com/file/qejiy9xhlsujxrk/%25E6%25A0%25B8%25E8%25BE%2590%25E5%25B0%2584%25E8%25AF%25B4%25E6%2598%258E%25E4%25B9%25A6%25E3%2580%2590%25E7%2594%25B5%25E5%25AD%2590%25E6%25A1%25A3%25E3%2580%2591_V-06_23.02.17.pdf/file

The FNIRSI GC-01 nuclear radiation detector uses a higher-precision Geiger-Miller counter.

Counter for detecting the intensity of ionizing radiation (beta particles, gamma rays and x-rays).

Use a gas tube or a small chamber as a probe.When the voltage applied to the probe reaches a certain range.Each time the ray is ionized in the tube to produce a pair of ions, it can be amplified to produce an electric pulse of the same size.And recorded by the connected electronic device.The number of rays per unit time thus measured.The alarm threshold measurement rate can be arbitrarily selected.

Video by :DiodeGoneWild

Product testing and evaluation:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TynpfXSBdhU

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