Filterwell Personal Portable Camper Water Purifier Filter With Straw

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Color: JY-XG-04AL 2 Sets
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Origin: Mainland China

Model: JY-XG-04AL Green

Product name: Personal Camper Water Purifier Filter Straw

Color: Green

Function: outdoor survival camping Hiking

Feature: Removes minimum 99.9999%

Usage: Filter water from river stream lake

Filter: 4000L

emergency: drinking water purifier

Portable water purifier: water purifier outdoor

outdoor personal survival water filter straw: For travel

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Filterwell Personal Camper Water Purifier Filter Straw Portable Outdoor Survival Hikeup Drinking Emergency Products For Travel

The water filter straw is an innovative and portable device designed to provide clean and safe drinking water in outdoor water source.

Compact and Lightweight: The water filter straw is small and lightweight, making it highly portable and easy to carry in your backpack, emergency kit, or even your pocket.

Filtration Technology: It uses advanced filtration technology to remove impurities, contaminants from water, ensuring you have access to clean drinking water wherever you are.

Easy to Use: Using a water filter straw is straightforward. Simply immerse the straw into the water source (such as a stream, lake, or tap), and then suck through the straw to drink. The filtration process happens as you drink, making it convenient and user-friendly.

Packing List

-- 1* Water Filter straw
-- 1* Converter
-- 1 * Buckle
-- 1 * Sling
-- 1* Sand head

Product Features

Triple Filtration

1. Filter sand head
Filters out visible suspensions such as sediment and floating material

2. Activated Carbon Fiber
It can adsorb inorganic compounds, benzoic acid and other organic compounds in aqueous solution, effectively remove odor color and improve taste.

3. 0.01 Micron UF Membrane
Hollow fiber micro tubes remove contaminants & protect you from unsafe water during outdoor adventures.

Detachable buckle design

Mountaineering buckle can be connected, easy to carry and convenient for travel.

You can also carry by sling.

28MM threaded mouth.

Suitable to threaded bottle mouth with a diameter of 28MM or connect water bottle converter to connect 30mm water bottle.

Easy to Use

1. Easy to carry outdoors, reusable, no worry about filter clogging

2. Can be filtered directly into the water with the inlet of the filtering straw.

3. Connect sand head extension tube, it can filter water sediment, protect the backend of the filter body, extend the filter life.

The filter life is 4000 liters, which can guarantee the outdoor drinking water demand.



1.Which water can be filtered?

Suitable for mountain spring water, rivers, lakes, streams, groundwater, rainwater, snow water, surface water, tap water and other fresh water sources without chemical pollution. (Seawater cannot be filtered, reverse osmosis can remove heavy metals and salts)

2.How long can it last without use?

It can be kept for 3-5 years depending on the date of purchase.

3.How many times or how long can be used?

According to the filtration flow, about 4000 liters of water can be filtered. The visual clean water source is the data. The specific situation needs to be judged according to the water.

4.Can any water be filtered? Urine? pesticide?

No, this is an outdoor emergency product that can filter the common flowing water mentioned above. Please use this product correctly Urine can be filtered (reverse osmosis filters and deodorizes urine) Pesticides cannot be filtered (pesticide residues can be removed - not in high concentrations)


5. Coke, Sprite, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, milk, ink, tea and so on

It's a damage test, no warranty! Please do not filter these products containing acid dyes or pigments for testing, filtration will make them clear, but not completely colorless and transparent, and will damage the filter element to varying degrees.

6.Can the filter element be replaced?

Yes, the pump-type filter element can be replaced. Other pipette types can only be extended by washing. It is recommended that the filter element be washed clean when not in use to extend the life of the filter element.

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