Baseus Wireless Electric Car Inflator Pump. Great for Bicycles Car and Motorcycles.

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Ships From: China
Color Name: Grey
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Weight: 610g

Voltage: 5V/2.4A

USe for 1: Kayaking,Bicycle, Basketball, Air Cushion

USe for: Car,SUV, Business Car, Motorcycle

Type 2: Car tyre inflator

Type 1: car air compressor,inflatable air pump,

Support: Dropshipping/Wholesale

Size: 140.2*42.6*78.2mm

Product Name: Baseus Energy Source Inflator Pump Tarnish

Pressure gauge range: 5~150PSI

Power: 54W

Plug Type: US

Origin: Mainland China

Model Name: Pumps

Material Type: Metal Body

Material Type: Metal Body

Item Weight: 831g

Item Type: Pumps

Input voltage: 5V/2.4A

Function: For cars motorcycle bicycle basketball kayaking

Charging time: About 4-5 hours

Charging Cable: 0.5M Type-C Cable

Brand Name: BASEUS

Battery capacity: 27.75Wh

Product Information:
>1. Product Name:Baseus Energy Source Inflator Pump
>2. Size:140.2*42.6*78.2mm
>3. Weight: 610g
>4. Input voltage:5V/2.4A
>5. Battery capacity: 27.75Wh
>6. Power: 54W
>7. Color: Tarnish
>8. Pressure gauge range: 5~150PSI  (display flashes when exceeding 150PSI; exceeding 150PSI may damage the sensor) Supports pressure within 120PSI.
>9. Charging time: About 4-5 hours
>10 USE for: Car,SUV, Business Car, Motorcycle, Kayaking,Bicycle, Basketball, Air Cushion
>11. Instructions
(1) Install the corresponding air nozzle according to the inflation equipment.
(2) Press the M key to adjust to the device to be charged
(3) Connect the air nozzle, press the OK button lightly to start inflation.
(4) Stop when top up and pull out the air nozzle to stop inflation.

2020 New Upgrade Wireless Intelligent Air Pump

Baseus Energy Source Inflator Pump Tarnish

Wireless Fast Charging Breathtaking Capabitity,
2400mAh lithium battery, Automatiedetection of tire presure , Auto charge and stop, Multi-purpose

Lithium Battery Wireless Inflation

No need to use cigarette lighter to get electricity when using, it is convenient and trouble-free, safer and more at ease,2400mAh Powerful lithium battery

Fully Charged Support More

Notes: Due to the limitation of cylinder number, it is recommended to pause for 5 minutes ater using for 10 rminutes. Otherwise the rising temperature of the metal shell will damage the motor.

Compared to The Old Volume Down by 36% Power Up by 40%

The all-metal body is the same size as the 30000mAh power bank, without occupying any car space.

Accurate Monitoring Tire Pressure Status Automatic Display

An intelligent sensor chip is built in the air nozzle so the tire pressure is automatically detected and displayed once connect. A tire with healthy tire pressure does not need to be inflated, otherwise it needs to be inflated.

Intelligent Digital Display Standard Preset / Manual Adjustment Dual-mode Tire Pressure Setting

The standard tire pressure is set in advance. Thus even when you do not know the standard tire pressure, you can easily inflate the tire. You can also increase or decrease the tire pressure according to your own special needs, making daily
driving easier.

One-key Start Tire Pressure Reaches Preset Value Auto Charge and Stop

There is no need to keep an eye on it. as it will automatically stop inflation when it reaches the value of healthy tire pressure and will not cause tire puncture due to overcharging.

Full Metal Pressurized Cylinder L ow Current Direct Drive Structure Strong Power and Stable Operation

A heat-resistant PTFE piston rod and all-metal cylinder help stabilize the body, even if the low-current permanent magnet motor runs at high speed. Do not worry about shake and cylinder blast when pressurized inflation.

Upgraded Noise Reduction Quiet Inflation Effectively Reduce Noise by 20%

The pure copper coil motor reduces the operating sound. The suspension design is used to effectively reduce the mechanical noise caused by shell resonance.

Double-sided Heat Dissipation Reduce Temperature Rise

The air pump is equipped with 274 small air outlets on both sides. and the connecting shaft of the motor drives the fan to quickly transfer the internal heat to ensure the stable operation of the motor.

LED Lighting Safe Inflation at Night

It is convenient to charge at night and can send out an SoS in case of an accident.

Multi-purpose Applicable to More Equipment

Car,SUV, Business Car, Motorcycle, Kayaking,Bicycle, Basketball, Air Cushion

More Accessories Adapt More Equipment

Natural rubber inflation tube is high softness and not easy to break. The standard charging cable can be connected to the car charger to charge in time.The embedded air nozzle is more convenient for basketball inflation.

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