100/200/300pcs Outdoor Luminous Pebbles. Variety of Natural Crystals Rocks For Aquariums.

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Size: 50pcs
Color: Style 1
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Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: T2412

Material: resin

Luminous or Not: Yes

1. It is produced with new high-end brand raw materials, which is safe and environmentally friendly.
2. Used to decorate vases and fish tanks; garden decoration, swimming pool decoration, bar decoration; villa gardening and landscaping, etc.
3. After the product is stimulated by visible light such as sunlight and light, it absorbs and stores energy, and naturally glows for a long time in the dark.
4. The product absorbs and emits light repeatedly.
Item Type: Glowing Pebble
Stone size: 15mm
material: plastic
Package includes: 100/200/300 pcs
Lighting Considerations
1. Please do not put the pebbles together with the package in the light.
2. Please do not stack pebbles, make sure each pebble is fully illuminated.
3. When the pebbles glow, make sure the surrounding environment is dark enough.
4. The longer the absorption time and the longer the irradiation time, it can be reused.
5. After receiving the package, if you have any questions, you can contact customer service, we will solve it for you, thank you for your understanding.

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